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Site Implementation + Custom Projects

Project management is a critical component of our Website design process, and is an area in which we excel. Other project management services are also available through Ocotillo Design, and follow from our extensive project experience.

Site Implementation Management

Site implementation management is the art of managing, on behalf of a client, the implementation — which may include design, production, and launch — of a multifunctional website by a third party. If you have already selected or will be selecting another vendor to design and implement your website but would like an experienced, technical entity to manage the implementation on your behalf, Ocotillo Design’s site implementation management is the service for you.

Site implementation management may include:

  • Analyzing your current website for strengths and weaknesses and developing redesign recommendations
  • Analyzing your industry and its position, including the role of competitors, resulting in an industry analysis and recommendations
  • Developing site vision, including baseline site structure
  • Developing and managing the website request for proposals (RFP)
  • Facilitating project design and implementation, including content scheduling
  • Evaluating and reporting on progress during site design
  • Making recommendations and creating scenarios during site design to ensure the site meets your needs
  • Arranging any technical aspects — such as domain registration, e-mail server stability, data needs, and hosting — during design
  • Conducting internal and external website surveys and user testing, both during site design and production and after website launch
  • Communications and reporting
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Custom Project Management

If you have a website, HTML email campaign, or other online marketing project management need, Ocotillo Design can help. From web strategic planning to marketing plan development to website analysis and reporting, Ocotillo Design will help your virtual sense of place succeed.

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